Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Singapore Life...

Hey peeps how've ya'll been doing ?? As some of you may have already knew, I'm living in Singapore now and I'm currently residing in a HDB with my batch mates and the area is called Pasir Ris :) I like my room tonz lol because it's so spacious and comfortable.

The first 2 weeks when I arrived here, I was almost dead broke. Everything was expensive in my head because I was busy calculating the conversion of currency when ever before I intend to make any purchases at all times. Now I understand why isn't it easy to live independently in another country but things are getting better from time to time. Life here is alright so far, people from Singapore that I've met for the time being are nice and helpful yet generous enough to show us around or teach us how to live the life of Singaporeans :p

Basically I'm in Singapore now for my 3.5 months of cabin crew training and after graduation I'll be starting my journey flying around the world and that's the time I'll make some $$ and have a clear picture of the world with my own eyes instead of looking at Tv's or just pictures back in those days :)

Well work has been alright, getting the hang with the routine of waking up every morning and coming home in the evening during the weekdays in office attire and what I hate most is to be in leather shoes for a long day because it hurts =s It's really tiring to take public transport everyday and Singaporeans here can really travel around by just walking from a place to another that takes 15 minutes or more which I find impressive.

Back in Malaysia, complaints can be heard from those who lives a good life when they are required to travel by walking for 5 minutes or less. In Singapore, it is not surprising to find a guy who is 25 years old or above to have no driving license yet because buying a car here is really expensive and they are so dependent to Singapore's very efficient public transport. In Malaysia, a person will be bad talked if he/she usually a he that holds no driving license after the legal age which is 17 years old. Malaysians are some how lucky.

Oh by the way, the standard of clubs here are some how on par with Malaysia's. Back home the structure of the clubs look nicer and bigger, but here in Singapore the people look more gorgeous so both countries are some how even haha :p And I love the R&B/ Hip Hop songs they play here because its just never the same not like the same old T-Pain's Low Low Low in KL on every week =s

For everyone's info, according to the airline policies I'm not allowed to post any pictures that reveals the company's premises or when I'm on duty =s So there won't be any pictures of my training life can be seen here. I will still upload some pictures of other activities here such as last night's house warming party at my place with my whole group of batch mates. The pictures will soon be uploaded once i've got them aye :)

Ok that's about it for now, take care ya'll and will miss you peeps and Imma Fly High ~